Hey, Hi, Hello!

Growing up one of my favorite memories on Christmas morning was running down to the living room, grabbing my stocking and seeing what goodies Santa had stuffed inside for me!

Almost 26 years later and I still get overly excited to see what is buried in my stocking on Christmas morning - but my taste has slightly changed since then, I have traded my beloved lip smackers lip gloss for a balm dot com from Glossier and all the priceless new Beanie Babies for a few teddy scrunchies from Free People.

I wanted to share some of my favorite everyday items that would make perfect gifts and even better stocking stuffers for those gals in your life.


These are a few of my favorite things



Cable Knit Chenille-Lined Gloves:

These bad boys are SO soft and SO perfect for the rest of the winter season. I love that they are warm but also cute so you can rock them with any coat.


Milky Jelly Cleanser - Glossier: I am sure you have heard of this daily face wash. I love a cleanser that will also take off my makeup and any other grime from the day. I got a sample of it in one of my Glossier packages. It is the skincare item you didn’t know you needed until now!


Invisibobble Hair Ring: Okay, I used to think these things were so silly when I would see people with them, until I broke down and bought a set and I am forever changed. I love scrunchies but when I want a little more stability and volume to my bun, these will do it. They also don’t put that awful crease in your hair. Invest in these, do it!

Sally Hansen.jpg

Sally Hansen Nail Polish: My go to polish, there is just something about a fresh black manicure that makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I always go for the color “Black Out”.


Teddy Scrunchie - Free People: The perfect scrunchie that looks cute in your hair or on your wrist. It comes in a bunch of fun colors and is the cutest winter hair accessory. I bought it in three colors but I wouldn’t mind finding more in my stocking this year!


Balm Dotcom - Glossier: Speaks for itself, it really is the bomb dot com! I love a good versatile lip balm and this one is great. I use it on my lips and when I have super dry cracked hands I will dab a little bit on there to moisturize. Perfect little lip balm for winter months.


Full Dry Volume Blast - Living Proof: I have super thin hair and the longer it gets the heavier it is and the harder it is to keep it voluminous. This stuff gives me the perfect messy, tousled volume I love without the build up of hair spray.


Major Lashes - Victoria’s Secret: Okay, I was a little skeptical trying this because I am usually a mega snob about my mascara but I love this stuff. It is half the price of most of my favorite high end mascaras and gives me the same if not better results. I love the length and volume it gives without the flakiness throughout the day.


Boy Brow & Haloscope Duo - Glossier: Name a better duo, I’ll wait. But seriously, all the hype on these two are well deserved. I love my boy brow and I love the dewy look the haloscope gives. These are a MUST HAVE in any girls makeup bag!


FRIENDS - Lessons on Life, Love and Friendship Book: If you know me, you know I love the show FRIENDS. If you also have someone who loves the show this is a fun little gift that you know they need. “I’ll be there for youuuuuuuu”


Honey Infused Hair Oil - Gisou: If you buy at least one thing from this list, make sure it is this item. This stuff gives you that instagram worthy, beautiful, soft, luscious perfect hair. I was so hesitant to splurge on this but WOW, I don’t regret a damn thing. This stuff has changed my hair life and I will never turn away.


Agave Lip Balm - Bite Beauty: A winter must have is a damn good lip balm, every girl loves her chapstick. This is my other go to balm for the winter months. I love my balm dot com from Glossier and my agave lip balm from Bite Beauty. I haven’t used any others since discovering the two. Splurge on the expensive stuff, you won’t be mad!

I hope this little stocking stuffer, gift guide was helpful for you, no matter if you are shopping for others or shopping for yourself. These are a few things I have tried and love or I am dying to try.

Happy Holidays Friends!


She Wasn't Ready!

I have had this blog/website set up for a while now, but every time it came down to writing out my first post my mind would go blank. I would start to overthink everything and tell myself to put it on the back burner and revisit it later. Months and months of this have gone by and here I am again, staring at a blank page thinking to myself “Where do I start?” “What is a good way to start a blog?” “Why do I have to buy a new iPhone charger every week?” 

Okay, that last one is irrelevant to the situation but seriously Apple… WHY!? 


I have come up with every excuse in the book as to why I should wait and then I thought to myself, Nike up and “Just Do It.” You are free and there are no rules to this! You just have to do it and go from there.

I think of situations like this is like going to the pool, stay with me on this. (if you have even read this far) I am someone who approaches the swimming pool differently every time I visit. I either slowly inch myself in, shivering at every ounce of the cold water on my dry skin or I am the one who dives in without a single thought. I go about it differently every time and I relate that to my life choices. I either dive head first into situations or I am slowly inching myself into them. I finally decided to dive into my blog and not inch in and out over thinking the outcome. I believe there should be a happy medium between deciphering which situations in life are inch-worthy verses which ones are dive-worthy and sometimes you have to just jump in and take the outcome as it plays out. 

My advice for you today is to take something you have put on the back burner or have been inching towards and just dive in! The faster we dive in the more time we have to enjoy the water!